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Aircraft:  Sales, Lease, Charter, and Finance

JetLease, Palm Beach, Inc.

Palm Beach International Airport
1515 Perimeter Rd , Suite T-101
West Palm Beach, Florida 33406

Contact:  Russ Dise
Office:  561-242-4393
Cell:  561-301-2455

Email: sales@jetlease.com


Affinity Architects

Mitchell Kunik
Office:  561-750-0445, X110
Email: mkunik@affinitiarchitects.com

Manny Diaz

Office:  561-741-0091
Cell:  561-307-8787
Email: MJDARCHITECT@aol.com

Mario Mangone Architect

Mario Mangone
Office:  561-743-5111 or 772-486-8132

Air Conditioning Service

Stephen K. Denny

Office:  561-743-955

Auto Detailing

White Star Detailing

Jett Beres, Cell:  561-371-0034
Rick Mailloux, Cell:  561-371-0024
Request Service on Their Website:  www.whitestardetailing.com

John Fasulo

Office:  561-371-5410
Email:  fasulogranite@comcast.net  

Sabatello Companies

Michael Sabatello
Office:  561-626-7600
Cell:  561-309-1718
Email: michael@sabatellocompanies.com


Bardorf Construction Company

George Bardorf
Office:  561-775-0628
Cell:  561-722-3259
Email: grb2969@comcast.net

Kevin Carter Construction

Office: 561-719-1220
Email: Kpc_tek@bellsouth.net

Onshore Construction

Dan Reedy
Office:  561-744-8331
Cell:  561-262-3189
Email: dan@onshorejupiter.com

Sabatello Companies

Michael Sabatello
Office:  561-626-7600
Cell:  561-309-1718
Email: michael@sabatellocompanies.com

Turtle Beach Construction

Bastiaan Smallegange
Office:  561-741-1307
Cell:  561-718-2523
Email: bas@turtlebeachconstruction.com

Construction Technology, Inc.

Syd K. Hobbs
Office:  561-882-9696

Captain Services

Captain K Services

Joe Kelly
Office: 561-723-2411
Email: captkservices@yahoo.com

Cleaning & Housekeeping

Kathy Fagan

Kathryn Fagan Enterprises, Inc.
Office:  561-852-4916
Cell:  561-756-2066
Email: kfagan@bellsouth.net

Paris Cleaning

Nadine Smith
Office:  561-747-7966
Office/Cell:  561-262-5210
Email: parisclean@bellsouth.net


All American Dock

Jonathon Hayes
Cell:  772-215-1113
Email: jonathonhayes@bellsouth.net  

Electrical/ Alarm/ Audio Video

Superior Electric

Office: 561-575-4016
Website: SECFLA.com  |  Wayne Prophitt Blog
Email: secestimating@bellsouth.net

Environmental Testing & Remediation

Sabco Remediation

Environmental Testing and Remediation
Ron Huggins
Office:  561-626-9993
Cell:  561-319-7729
Email: ronhuggins@sabatellocompanies.com

Floor, Tile, Carpet, Stone Cleaning


John Torres
Office:  561-966-0765
Cell:  561-262-3294
Fax:  561-626-6962

Blackie Wooten
Cell:  561-310-7131


Driftwood Florist of Jupiter/Tequesta

Teresa Jerrell
711 W. Indiantown Road, Ste. B2
Jupiter, FL 33458
Office:  561-747-5773
Fax:  561-747-8921
Email:  driftwoodflorist@gmail.com


1 Stop Generator Shop

Christina Cowan
3520 Investment Lane #4
WPB, FL 33404
Office:  561-840-0009
Fax:  561-840-3323
Email:  info@1stopgeneratorshop.com

Glass Installation & Repair

Tropic Glass

Phillip DeCarlo
Office: 561-482-9010
Cell:  561-213-0777  


Jim Driscoll

Cell:  561-667-2025
Email: jmdriscoll2@yahoo.com  

Home Management

Group 9 Estate Management

Paul Quigley
Phone:  561-667-1771
Email: paul@group9estates.com


First Florida Insurance

Jeff Platz
Office: 561-743-5688
Cell:  561-719-5599
Email: jeff@1stflins.com  

Interior Design

Design International

Beth Paparone
Phone: 561-747-4409
Email: design_intl@att.net  

John Fasulo

Office:  561-371-5410
Email: fasulogranite@comcast.net  

Sabatello Companies

Michael Sabatello
Office:  561-626-7600
Cell:  561-309-1718
Email: michael@sabatellocompanies.com


Kutsukos Landscaping

Peter Kutsukos
Phone:  561-801-2597
Email:  KutsukosLM@aol.com  

Limousine Service

David's Limousine Service

David Schott
Cell:  561-307-4741
Email: david@davidslimo.com
Email: limo@wfpcc.com
Hours:  Monday through Saturday 7 AM to 6 PM (excluding Sundays & Holidays)

Abacoa Limousine (for off hours)

Peter Szabo
Office/Cell:  561-624-9330


Superior Lock

Office:  561-744-6700


FBC Mortgage

Bud Kline
Office: 561-745-1504
Cell:  561-309-3952
Email: bkline@fbchomeloans.com  


American Painting Corp.

Jerry L. Thomas
Phone:  561-714-0322

Pest Control

Palm Coast Pest Control

Office:  1-800-819-PEST

Bates Pest Control

Phone:  561-746-2651

Pet Groomers


Office:  561-848-7400

Pet Sitters

Happier At Home

Office:  561-748-2998


Agapao Plumbing

Lee Cocuzzo
Office:  561-848-8117
Cell:  561-662-1677

Enterprise Plumbing

Office:  561-744-7540
(Licensed gas sub-contractor for TECO Peoples Gas)

Pressure Cleaning

Native Suns Pressure Cleaning 

Wayne Angst
Pressure clean, deck and drive way sealing
Phone: 561-308-5832
Email: Wayno1@bellsouth.net 


Kevin Carter Construction

Phone:  561-719-1220
Email: Kpc_tek@bellsouth.net

Screen Replacement/Repair

Screen Doctor

Ric Dalberri
Office:  561-747-1229
Email: info@screendoctor.com  


Devcon Security

Office:  (561) 750-9438


B&H Shutters

David Hemlak
Office:  561-746-0834
Cell:  561-262-4500  

Palm Beach Aluminum Shutters

Darren Allfrey
Office: 561-844-8285
Cell: 561-723-6977

Sprinkler Systems

Steve Fontaine

Office/Cell:  561-719-9676

Tile & Marble

Celtic Marble & Tile

Cliff Webber
Office:  561-745-5650
Email: cliff@celticmt.com

Title Company

Assured Title Agency

Renate Kozar
Office:  561-222-2683
Cell:  561-427-5323
Email: renate@assuredtitleagency.us

Yacht Brokers

Steve Barcsansky

Phone:  561-775-6000
Email: sbarcsansky@hmy.com

Yacht Management and Captains Services

Captain K Services

Joe Kelly
Phone:  561-723-2411
Email: captkservices@yahoo.com